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Featured Stories Simpson PTO 5K Stampede & 1 Mile Fun Run

Simpson PTO 5K Stampede & 1 Mile Fun Run

Mr. J. Lupton Simpson was an educator in Loudoun County for 39 years. He was instrumental in propagating the middle school concept in this area, which needed to cater to its growing student population. This concept was finally realized in the 1971-1972 academic year, four years after Mr. Simpson’s passing. The present building was finally completed in 1976, and was named and dedicated J. Lupton Simpson Middle School, a fitting and appropriate memorial to a man whose life was education. In all the different schools he taught and administered at, the entire student body and broader community demonstrated their great admiration and and very high respect for Mr. Simpson.

Today, at 40-years of age, the school provides education to students from all walks of life. Children from families of all income brackets attend the school, where 18% of the student body is economically disadvantaged. Unfortunately, due to the transitional establishment of the Simpson Middle School, it is one of only two schools in the whole of Loudon county which does not have its own racetrack. Seeing the need to empower and enable access to all children, the Empower Foundation decided to step in.

As a key member of the co-chair committee, the Empower Foundation led the organization of a fund-raising event at the Philip A. Bolen Memorial Park in Leesburg. The Foundation provided sponsorship money as well as the design of the event logo. A USATF certified 5K course was mapped with a beautiful cross-country run through wooded trails, sports fields and picturesque landscapes. Many community organizations and volunteers took part on a crisp, spring morning and helped raise funds for the construction of a track at J.L. Simpson Middle School. A 1-Mile Fun Run was also held for the less competitive, yet equally enthusiastic participants.

The Empower Foundation is fortunate to participate in various social and charitable initiatives in the local and broader communities. Thanks in part to this initiative, the J. L. Simpson Middle School now has the required funds to construct a racetrack of its own.

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