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Featured Stories Blood Donation Drive 2021

Blood Donation Drive 2021

Donating blood is a gratifying experience and is also a social responsibility. In line with our Social Responsibility and Wellness program, Empower Foundation conducted a Blood Donation Drive on March 30-31, 2021. This Drive was held in collaboration with Indus Hospital in our Karachi office, with Fatamid Foundation in Lahore office, and PIMS Hospital in Islamabad. This is the fourth time a Blood Donation Drive has been held at at 10Pearls.

Over the course of two days, scores of employees eagerly donated blood. To ensure a safe process, all WHO-recommended COVID SOPs were followed. Additionally, a medical screening process, which included checking vitals, medical history, hemoglobin, blood pressure etcetera, was conducted prior to clearing a person for blood donation.

All donors also received a free health screening report and appreciation certificates after the conclusion of the Drive.  

Regular blood donation not only saves lives, but also helps preserve cardiovascular health, reduce risk of developing cancer, and lowers mortality rates and the risk of heart attacks. As a socially-responsible company, 10Pearls is committed to positively impact lives, and this initiative was one of the ways we aim to give back to the society.