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Circle Pakistan

CIRCLE Pakistan’s mission is to advance women’s economic participation and empowerment through innovative entrepreneurship, advocacy campaigns and research. The initiative aims at empowering the Pakistani youth belonging to under-privileged areas, with a special focus on women. CIRCLE teaches web development, coding, life skills and soft skills such as mindfulness, problem solving, team work and positive thinking to the cohort.

Empower Foundation partnered with CIRCLE for the Tech Karo
Mentorship Program. This program consisted of tech experts from 10Pearls providing technical education and mentorship to students of Tech Karo hailing from different fields and backgrounds. 10Pearls’s team members volunteered for the initiative, giving valuable training and feedback on the usage of HTML, CSS & JavaScript technologies, preparing the students for the professional world. The purpose of this mentorship program was to provide technical knowledge and skills to students who couldn’t afford to attend expensive tech courses and institutes. This way, the students from not so privileged backgrounds had a chance to learn from the best of their fields and were able develop invaluable skills with their help.

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