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Featured Stories Idara AL-Khair– Sponsor A Child Program

Idara AL-Khair– Sponsor A Child Program

Idara Al-Khair is a non-profit network of schools located in various under-served areas of Karachi. The NGO currently enrolls over 4,550 students in 8 campuses across the city.

To help with their mission to provide quality and free education, Empower Foundation supports the NGO through various initiatives. One such initiative is the ongoing “Sponsor a Child” program which Empower Foundation has been supporting. Through this initiative, 10Pearls employees take responsibility of a child’s education and basic needs, and help them improve their future. Currently over 500 children are fully sponsored and supported by the collective efforts of Empower Foundation and 10Pearls employees. 

To encourage more sponsorships, Empower Foundation arranged a tour to Idara Al-Khair for the employees of 10Pearls. This tour provided an excellent opportunity to experience first-hand the efforts of Idara Al-Khair. The team visited the airy classrooms, vibrant early learning center,  well-equipped children’s library and computer lab, all renovated and rebuilt earlier with the support of Empower Foundation.

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It was also impressive to see how Idara Al-Khair works towards creating a sustainable ecosystem; be it through repurposing old clothes or generating power through solar panels.