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Featured Stories Idara Al Khair

Idara Al Khair

Idara Al Khair, a non-profit private school in Karachi aims to spread the light of education in underprivileged localities in Pakistan. The president of the reputable welfare organization, Mazahir Baloch, took upon the venture after realizing that the only way to create a long term difference and positive impact in society is through educating the people. Thus, he established Idara Al Khair, which has been working towards the noble cause since the last three decades. Today, sixty percent of the teachers working at the school were once students there themselves.

Empower Foundation has been working with this school for more than a year. From construction of their classrooms, renovating their premises, to arranging instructors for computing courses, Empower Foundation has been supporting this school in various ways.

The Empower Foundation team took the opportunity on a weekend to get together and participate in renovating the school. Focusing on where the learning takes place, they undertook the task of repainting the classrooms with vibrant colors, creating a joyful environment to study in. The students were pleasantly surprised the following Monday with their classrooms having undergone a colorful transformation. The renovation was done with the hopes of motivating the students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, and building a space which will excite them to learn. Empower Foundation is humbled to have played a part, however small, in enhancing the education of the bright youth who will build the future.

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